So... why singing?
In recent years, there has been a growing interest and research into the effects of singing on health and wellbeing.  In particular, there is growing evidence that suggests singing can expand social and communication skills, improve and unlock memory, increase physical activity and help develop emotional intelligence and confidence.  This has been accompanied by a rise in reality TV shows demonstrating the benefits a singing group can bring to military wives, cancer sufferers and others.  Here are a few interesting links and reads...

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Case Studies

Restoring the Balance - North Bristol Wellbeing Choir Case Study
This Bristol choir has been featured as a case study for best practice in a book promoting the benefits of Arts and Health work, published by Voluntary Arts England.
ISBN: 978-1-8996787-55-8

Research Papers

Singing and Health: Summary of a Systematic Mapping Review of Non-Clinical Research
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The Benefits of Singing for Adolescents
Welch, G (2011); Institute of Education, University of London


Singing re-wires damaged brain
Gill, V (2010); BCC News

The Power of Music
Goodhall, H (2012); Sing Up website

Keeping Body and Soul In Tune
Wignall, A (2008); The Guardian

Why Sing?
Coulson, R (2012); Sounds Delighted Ltd

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